CFA Distinguished Merit Abyssinians

GC, RW Tinbats Bridget Jones Diary, DM, ruddy Abyssinian female GC Anqet's Black Tie Affair, DM, ruddy Abyssinian female

Any male cat which sires fifteen or more different Grand Champions and/or Grand Premiers and/or DM, or any female cat which is the mother of five different Grand Champions and/or Grand Premiers and/or DM will be awarded a certificate of Distinguished Merit and the suffix DM added to its name and any other titles it may have. "Double titles" such as the same cat being GC & GP, or GC & DM only count as one. A cat never shown or only shown to Ch. but that achieves DM counts equal to producing a grand offspring. The CFA Distinguished Merit Award is presented in recognition of an outstanding contribution to producing quality offspring and was conceived in 1987.

There are currently 305 Abyssinians which have been honored with this special Award in CFA. Of these, 250 are females, 55 are males. Color distribution is as follows: 176 ruddy, 90 red (sorrel, cinnamon), 27 blue and 10 fawn.

The first red (sorrel/cinnamon) Abyssinian to be awarded CFA Distinguished Merit was GC Lakme Kalahari of Raelich, DM, bred by Diane Lemos and owned by Shirley and Ray Koklich. Born in 1979 she received this title in 1983. The first blue Abyssinian DMd in 1988 which was only 4 years after the color was recognized by CFA! Her name is Ch. Jaanus Mya, DM, bred by Carol and Art Nelson. The first fawn Abyssinian received this special honor 8 years after recognition of the color in CFA and was given to male GC Purssynian Sunhawke of Abyriginal, DM!

There are currently seven catteries which have produced 5 or more DM Abys and they are (alphabetically): Abyla (5), Bastis (16), Bogeykats (5), Clarion (14), Instincts (11), Karraway (7), Purssynian (8) and Wil-O-Glen (8). The cat which has the highest number of GC/GP/DM offspring on CFA records (currently 60!) is an Abyssinian, too. This honor goes to GC Purssynian Jambe Finete, DM, a fawn male bred and owned by Beth and Darrell Newkirk.

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GC Purssynian Jambe Finite, DM, fawn Abyssinian male and highest scoring DM cat with 58 grands to his record

updated: April 2018